Sam Robins and Savannah Pringle Race to Victory in 52nd Annual Arkoosh Cup

HAILEY, Idaho – Feb. 21, 2022 – Earlier today, under chilly, crystal clear blue skies and sunshine, 165 skiers and riders from three to eleven years old, turned out to race for good times, glory, and trophies at the 52nd Annual Arkoosh Cup at Rotarun Ski Area in Hailey. Both experienced and first-time racers took to the dual giant slalom course, with the music pumping, the race commentators coaxing a fun competitive spirit, and family members, teammates, and friends cheering everyone on with cow bells in hand.

“It was such a magnificent celebration of community and snowsport and kids and families and these activities we love,” said Scott McGrew, Executive Director at Rotarun. “One of the largest ever with 165 skiers and riders—all homegrown kids enjoying the sunshine on impeccably prepared slopes. You can’t beat a $10 entry fee and the joy that comes along with this incredible day—magnificent all around.”

Dating back to 1970, the Arkoosh Cup has seen winners like Picabo Street, who won the Cup in 1983 and eventually went on to become an Olympic and World Champion. Award categories for the event are U12, U10, and U8. The actual ‘Arkoosh Cup’ is awarded to the winning male and female of the U10 category, and their names are then etched into the trophy, which has a permanent home in the base lodge at Rotarun.

The overall fastest times for boys and girls in the 2022 Arkoosh Cup were posted by U10 athletes and winners of this year’s Arkoosh Cup, Sam Robins crossing the line in 22.20 and Savannah Pringle in 22.37.


U8 Men: 1. Ford Rixon 2. Tucker Thurston 3. Asa Sattler 4. Logan Steel 5. Mason McNulty

U10 Men: 1. Sam Robins 2. James Holman 3. Kelby Harris 4. Jack Kantor 5. Alex Grant

U12 Men: 1. Jaxon McGrew 2. Raleigh Johnson 3.Charlie Dulcich 4.Wesley Sewell 5. Matthew Thurman

U8 Women: 1.Alta Questad 2. Marie McNeal 3. Téa Smither 4. Amelia Beck 5. Freya Campbell

U10 Women: 1. Savannah Pringle 2. Jennings Fraser 3. Makenna Steel 4. Kinley Letson 5. Ava Gilmour

U12 Women: 1. Liv Harrington 2. Fernanda Hurtado 3. Irie Black 4. Amelie Ries 5. Dakota Wilkins

Snowboard Division: 1. Calvin Stoddard 2. Liam Romero 3. Clive Freytag 4. Quin Enoch 5. Felix Pott

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