The Rotarun Ski Area Uphill Policy is valid for the entire 2023/24 ski season.

  • All uphill traffic is required to obtain a free Uphill Season Pass and sign an Uphill Pass Release of Liability.
  • Outside of the winter skiing and riding season (when the area is closed for skiing/riding), uphill travel on Rotarun is not monitored or patrolled. Guests may skin or hike uphill at their own risk.
  • During the winter skiing and riding season (November 1 through March 31), uphill travel is permitted on Rotarun whenever snowcats are not working.
  • Uphill travel is subject to temporary closures due to weather, special events, maintenance, or other circumstances.

* Check with the Rotarun website or ticket kiosk before heading out, and please pay attention to signage at the base of the hill.

  • Uphill traffic must follow these two (2) designated routes:

* Maintenance Road up the backside of the hill

* Larry’s Lane

  • All uphill traffic acknowledge that they are participating at their own risk and can encounter variable conditions and ungroomed terrain.
  • All trash needs to be disposed of properly and no trash is to be left on the hill.
  • Dogs and sledding are NOT permitted during winter operational hours.
Rotarun Uphill Season Usage Agreement