HAILEY, Idaho – Feb. 20, 2023 – Nearly 200 athletes took to the dual giant slalom course on the face of Rotarun for the 2023 Arkoosh Cup earlier today. Hundreds of family members and friends cheered on the skiers and snowboarders, and the competitive spirit was high for those trying their first hand at racing and the more experienced racers alike. Girls and boys under the age of fourteen raced for age class awards, with the first place winners in the U10 category named this year’s Arkoosh Cup.

“It was the perfect day for youth ski racing in the Wood River Valley,” said Chuck Harris, Arkoosh Cup Chief of Race. “A huge thank you to Rotarun for providing an impeccable venue for the race, to the coaches for their hard work, and to all the parents who support their kids and help share the love of ski racing.”

The Cup is named for the Arkoosh family from Gooding, who in 1957 gave Rotarun a 99-year lease for $1 per year. In 1993, the property was deeded over to Blaine County, with the underlying lease from the Arkoosh family intact.

“The Arkoosh Cup holds a truly special place in the history of Rotarun,” said Scott McGrew, Rotarun’s executive director. “It’s an opportunity to remember and celebrate the incredible family who made everything we do at Rotarun possible, while continuing to foster a love of ski and snowboard racing among the youth in our community. There’s nothing quite like seeing the excitement and healthy competitive spirit come together on Arkoosh Cup day!”

Since the mid-1960’s, the Arkoosh Cup has seen winners like Picabo Street, who won the Cup in 1983 and eventually went on to become an Olympic and World Champion. Winners from more recent years are currently racing at the FIS elite level including Paige DeHart (2017), Jessica Blackburn (2016), and Haley Cutler (2009). Others have gone on to become SVSEF Alpine coaches, such as Sage Rheinschild (2012), Haley Cutler (2009), KJ Savaria (2008), Charlotte Gourlay (1999), and Amanda Stelling and Connor Farrow (2007). 

The ‘Arkoosh Cup’ was awarded to the winning female and male of the U10 category. Award categories for the event are U12, U10, U8, and Snowboard.

The overall fastest times for boys and girls in the U10 category and winners of this year’s Arkoosh Cup were, Alex Grant crossing the line in 27.52 and Alta Questad in 25.21. 


U8 Men: 

  1. Evan McGregor

  2. Ridge Crist

  3. Ford Rixon

  4. Dillon Wells

  5. Vance Gardiner

U10 Men: 

  1. Alex Grant – 2023 Arkoosh Cup Winner

  2. Halsten Bruun

  3. Asa Sattler

  4. Wyatt Matthews

  5. Lachlan Hollis

U12 Men:  

  1. Kelby Harris

  2. Alex Brown

  3. Max Smith

  4. Eli Sattler

  5. Matthew Thurman

U8 Women: 

  1. Kayla Kloster

  2. Dylan Spengler

  3. Estelle Turzian

  4. Lila VanderWyst

  5. Morgan Thomas

U10 Women: 

  1. Alta Questad – 2023 Arkoosh Cup Winner

  2. Sophie Robins

  3. Lauren Larrabee

  4. Amelia Beck

  5. Arielle Ries

U12 Women: 

  1. Savannah Pringle

  2. Jennings Fraser

  3. Ava Gilmour

  4. Bria Smiley

  5. Amelie Ries

Snowboard Division: 


  1. McKenna Minas


  1. Liam Romero

  2. Barrett Gorringe

  3. Everett Gorringe

  4. Lucca Anguiano

  5. Henry Baker

For complete 2023 Arkoosh Cup results, please CLICK HERE.

Photo of Alta Questad by Heather Foster.